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In case you haven’t read the first posting: this is a blog where I will document my first job in the sex industry as a a Phone Sex Operator. (Known throughout the blog and world as a PSO)

I’ve found a few insightful and amusing blogs where the operators that are already experienced discuss their calls and things. These are great.

But I thought it would be interesting to document my experiences as fresh meat, to watch the changes I go through as a person. I wanted to explore not just the different and strange flavors of kink out there, but the people themselves. I want to touch on human beings in general– what I think about these things, the way this industry is perceived, and things like that. Nothing is ever what you think it is, there’s always another side.

This blog is here so you I and both can take a peek through the eyes of another and see what we can see. Hope you enjoy the view!

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