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So, my interview is tomorrow morning (technically today, but it’s 1:28am and I don’t count it as a new day until I go to bed and then wake up) and I’ve been trying to get ready.

As recommended, I checked out their website to get an idea of the way it works. Interesting. I liked that there’s a tip option! I reread the rules they sent me to begin with, and have written down the key points for referencing during the interview. Then, I went out and bought supplies! A few days ago I asked the incredible forum I was telling you about before for details on keeping call logs or notes. They told me that they keep track of when and how long the calls they recieved were in a seperate place for comparing to their payment. They also said it’s a good idea to make notes on each caller covering anything they tell you about themselves, what they like or dislike, what you talked about, etc… So that when/if they call you back, you can reference it! So I went and bought two packs of large index cards, a small steno pad, a really cute red mini stapler, and a dry erase board. I also bought some post-it notes in bright colors, because the pad I had was old and didn’t stick long. I’m always jotting down thoughts/ information/ lists on post-it’s and sticking them to my monitor. It’s a warzone. Anyway.

I bought the dry erase board because… I live with my father right now, in a small house. Everyone knows the economy’s awful, and everyone’s suffering. As a 21 year old with no marketable skills, when I got laid off I had no luck finding new employment. So when my lease was up, I moved in with my father. He has no idea that this is the job I’m trying to get because I told him it was just a customer service job, answering phone calls. I’d really rather he NOT come tapping on my door to hear me moaning or saying ‘Oh baby, pour some chocolate sauce on that big steaming cock so I can eat it like a banana split’ because that would be so, so awkward. And I know he’s going to do it. I can guarantee the next time he has trouble with the remote… So I’m hoping to bypass that weirdness with having him leave a message, haha.

By the way, I have no marketable skills because I’ve only taken a few college classes. I’m in the process of going back. I plan to be a high school art teacher, so don’t go thinking that I’m some brainless, talentless no-account that has no choice but to moan and groan into the phone for cash. I think I covered that in the last post. 🙂

So boys and girls, wish me luck! I’ll either update this post or make a new one when I get off the phone with my interviewer. Cross your fingers at 10 am Central time and keep em that way for me!

Hi! I’ve decided to document my journey in an interesting and sometimes scandalous world– the sex industry.

It’s America, and everyone knows Sex Sells. You, or people you may know view workers in the industry in a poor light. They’re stupid, have no morals, are loose girls riddled wih drugs and diseases. You pity the people who do these things for a living, or view them with disgust.

But what if you knew that some of them are just normal people? Not all of them lived hard luck lives, being molested, homeless, or addicted at an early age. I’m sure some of them fit the sterotype of the sort of person it takes to do these things, but not all. I’m a perfect example of this.

I’m a young woman, born and raised in the beautiful state of Texas. My parents divorced when I was young, but this is common. I had a loving family and an enjoyable childhood. I’m very intelligent, and multi-talented. I’m an avid reader, an aspiring novelist, a singer, and an artist to name a few of my skills. I enjoy cooking, and I plan to be a high school art teacher. I’m pretty, too. I have a healthy figure (not starved or twiggy, but a natural curvation), I’m five and a half feet tall, with blue eyes, red gold hair, and skin slightly bronzed by the Texas sun. I’m your typical American girl. Though my childhood, like most, had mements that weren’t pretty, I have never been molested or raped. I never slept around. I lost my virginity to my high school boyfriend and we dated for five years. What sounds more normal than that?

Now let’s get down and dirty. I enjoyed many things with that high school boyfriend. We explored roleplaying, light bondage (scarves, blindfolds, and handcuffs), toys, and anal sex. You might consider me shy about sex, to an extent. While I enjoy discussing it and don’t shy away from offensive terms (such as cunt), I do not enjoy porn, and I don’t feel comfortable releasing my wild side with a partner until I feel I can trust them. I’m sure this is true of many women. I own a vibrator and am not at all ashamed to use it or admit it. I’m telling you all of this so you know that while I’ve run across Phone Sex Operators (hereby known as PSO’s) that say they LOVE sex and are very kinky and experienced women, I am not the same way.

But in this economy, lots of people are turning to new and unexpected things. I personally find it dfficult to find employment because I have a warrant. I’m not a criminal! I have never used drugs, and I drink only in moderation. It’s a tiny misdemeanor violation, but it’s hard to pay a ticket when you don’t have a job! And then you can’t get a job because you have a ticket that you can’t pay because… it’s  vicious cycle. Anyway.

So I began searching for a job in earnest again. I’d been thinking about jobs in the sex industry for a little while. After all, there has to be SOMEONE on the other end of that line that all the horny men call and text late at night, right? I did a google search, and read several articles on the subject, when I came upon a link to a forum for PSO’s, by PSO’s. This is where it all started.

This forum I had found was a wealth of information! They discussed at length all the different aspects of the job, pro’s and con’s of each and every company, and warned others on disreputable companies that tried to scam women, didn’t pay them for heir work, or played dirty tricks to cheat them out of their hard won money. I learned all about hold times, taboos, and techniques.

In the forum, someone had said that this line of work isn’t for those merely curious. I disagree! You can’t expect someone to just ‘know’ that the job is right for them without trying it, right? In my opinion, it’s all about how you approach the job each day. After all (beyond a ‘sexy’ voice), every human being has the potential to excel in this line of work. We’re all sexual creatures! It’s hardwired into us, and there’s no way around it.

So, after extensive research and reading of personal experiences and opinions, I selected what I thought would be the best companies for me, to start with. I put out three applications, and immediately recieved a response from my number one choice.

It’s a company based overseas (one of the common complaints is that it’s hard to understand the accents!) and all the personnel are supposed to be very nice, as are the customers. They’re a no taboo company, which means such topics as pedofilia, incest, bestiality, racism, necrophilia, drugs, or heay torture, which is defined as the use of knives, branding, or cannibalism. They only require tat you work a minimum of 10 hours per week. I intend to work much more than that, because I badly need the money. But I thought this was a plus in case I needed some adjusting time.

I have absolutely no experience, but I’m sure I’ll get it soon! The forum I discovered was a real asset, and I feel it will continue to be as I set off on this adventure. I think it will be interesting to see how I adjust, and the changes this will make on who I am. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and realize that not every so-called sex worker is someone you should look down on!

I’ll keep you updated on all new developments. In the meantime, this is 900-lovergirl, signing off with a kiss.    


P.S. If anyone is also interested in becoming a PSO and would like to benefit from the same resource I did, a link can be obtained by simply asking. 🙂