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I’ve spent a couple hours logged in today, it’s been okay. Nothing overly exciting.

I did get one caller, we’ll call him Paul, that was into my panties. He wished that, instead of me being there, my panties were there with him. I asked him what he would do with them, and he said he would smell them, and lick them, and suck on them… okay then. He was telling me how much he liked the piss stains in the front, and the bum stains in the back. That one made me laugh, but I’m quickly learning how to make a laugh sound like a moan or something. I don’t know what his last girlfriend was like, but I use a toilet, and toilet paper!

Anyway, we talked some more and I asked him what he would do if I were there. There was liberal tonguing of both of my holes, and then he said he wanted to watch me pee. So, I told him I’d spread my legs wide so he could see me pee, and told him I was peeing. Keep in mind that between all of things he says, there’s a lot of heavy groaning. Then he tells me he wants to reach his hand down and feel it. I ask him how it feels, and he says it feels “fucking beautiful” and then he proceeds to lick his hands clean. (Eek!) Then he said he wanted to see me take a shit. So again, I said I spread my legs wide so he could see. He said he could see my butthole moving, and then wanted me to take over. I said “I’m pooping! Can you see it?” He’s getting really excited, and said he could. I asked him how it looked, and he answered “fucking gorgeous” and he came. There were thank you’s and all of that, then he hung up.  

The whole time, I kind of wanted to laugh. I mean, it kind of grosses me out (the part where he wanted to taste it. Ew!) but I was curious why he was into this. Throughout the conversation, I would ask him to describe things to me “How does it look, how does it taste, how does it feel?” because I was curious, but all of his answers were along the lines of fucking beautiful and fucking gorgeous.

It really is interesting to me how things like this can turn people on. I mean, isn’t it crazy how some things will really get a person going? Humans are just so darned interesting. Some people may not approve, but it’s good for me to be able to talk to someone about this. During calls I’ll text my friend about what’s going on and we’ll have a laugh. When she comes out, I’ll reenact a call for her, and we both laugh ourselves silly over it. It’s just fascinating the way people operate! Funny, too.