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Alright, so a night or so ago was my first night. I logged about an hour total of talk time, I think. I already discussed how awful I was! (Read the last post.) I was laughing mostly at myself at the time.

Well now, I’m experiencing what apparently all new PSO’s experience– dread. I just plain do not want to log in, and I’m digging in my heels. They say it goes away after a week or two, so I’m going to keep pushing. My company requires a minimum of 10 hours a week, which is what I’m going to hit. I’m not going to lose my contract over beginner’s jitters!

I just feel so silly, flirting with these men and lying to them while they manhandle their manmeat. Yeah, I know it’s the job! But I’m not really great at seperating myself and my character. I definitely have a character– she sounds really sweet and innocent, but (OBVIOUSLY) has a bit of a naughty side. Nothing too extreme, it’s my first time haha.

It’s just that while this girl’s voice is coming out of my mouth all frilly and pink, there’s a sarcastic and very realistic ME in the back of my brain, speperated only by a very fragile curtain. And when the young and exceptionally inexperienced girl in control of my mouth does her thing the real ME sits behind that curtain, brain buzzing at twice the normal rate, even when the dimwit running my mouth freezes.

I’m one of the best procrastinators in the world, but I refuse to show off my skills for this! I do better when I have a set goal so I can say in my head “Just do this much more, and you can quit for the rest of the day!” so I’ve figured out that if I log in for an hour and a half each day, I’ll have 10 hours and 30 minutes at the end of the week. And I don’t even have to work an hour and a half all at once! Even though the first time flew by, I might log in for 45 minutes, log out to take a break, and then log another 45. It’s just a matter of staying motivated and knowing that the carrot in front of my nose in within reach.

I really believe that after I get the swing of it, I might actually like this. Or at least be good at it, because I know I can be. I’m creative, I’m already doing well with not talking too fast (I AM Southern, after all), and I’ve had sex before haha. And I can talk a little about something I’m not really into, although I do need to do some more reading on licking somone’s asshole. There’s something I’ve never done, and then when some guy switched from fucking me in the ass to telling me to lick his asshole I was a little perplexed.

Do not go thinking this job is easy! I mean, I saw other people saying that but being the cocky little shit I am I didn’t really think I had TOO much to fear. Serious lapse of judgement on my part. But I think that if you put effort into it and don’t take it too seriously, you CAN be good at it, and that’s what I’m aiming for. Please, wish me luck. And when you’re in need of jerky converstion filled with awkward pauses, please just call