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So, at this very moment I’m logged in and taking calls. I think it’s like 10 am in Britain, so they’re not incredibly busy. Or at least, I’m not. I didn’t log in yesterday like I meant to because every time I thought of it little bolts of anxiety lanced through my chest. But I sucked it up and logged in about 30 minutes ago and despite a little shaking I’m doing fine. I haven’t even been really frozen like I was the last time, but I’m sure I’ll freeze again. Still an amateur!

This really isn’t as bad as I’ve built it up to be. These guys call me, and most are very polite. Some make a little small talk, others don’t. Luckily my last couple of calls the guys have sort of lead me, which is great and very helpful. And they hang up when they finish, or they run out of time, and I laugh or roll my eyes and say ‘boy are silly’. I’m already developing a weird fondness for them. How strange is that?

I just hope that I don’t have to engage in real conversation. I’m not very good at seperating my self from my character yet, so I’m not sure how I would maintain a conversation where I share made-up details of this girl’s life. I’m sure it would come off as very fake. Either way, this isn’t as bad as it became in my mind! The past couple of days I’ve just been dreading it and it’s become some enormous scary thing. Now I’m logged in and it’s really not so bad as I remembered it to be… actually, it’s a relief because it’s so easy compared to what it became in my head.

So far, my calls have been pretty easy. I got a call that was supposed to be with two other girls, but fortunately after the second girl connected they ran out of time. I’m glad, because I had NO idea what I was going to do! When I said hello the first girl just moaned at me. :/

I just got off the phone with a guy who was into feet. He wanted to suck my toes and explained to me what a foot job was. (I knew what it was, I’ve never done it, but I was buying some time!) The talk didn’t get too kinky beause he ran out of time. But he was nice, and made some small talk, and asked me how long I’d been doing this. Not long!

Another guy was polite and loved giving oral, and involved his girlfriend in the story. Before that guy was a younger sounding guy that said he had a big cock (‘just really big’ in response to ‘how big?’. I guess I was just supposed to imagine a submarine missle.) that wanted to meet me in real life and wanted me to send him dirty pictures. Just from his voice I imagined him to be very skinny and pimply. Eek. Aside from that kid, everyone else seemed really polite and nice.

I haven’t hardly gotten any guys to the finish line (or maybe I have and just don’t know) because they all run out of time. Of the guys that have finished, none have stuck around for small talk, which is a relief. Once a guy finished (I could tell by the sounds haha) and it got quiet before he hung up… I didn’t know if I should ask if he was there or if he had finished. Fortunately, there was a fumbling sound, and then he hung up.

This is a very interesting business. I am the imaginary goddess of multiple guys. They make me into whatever they want to in their minds, and do whatever they want. I sit here in my pajamas pretending I find all this very sexy while meeting the men that they are behind closed doors. Life is strange.


Aww, one just said thank you! Oh, and I just got my first female caller! She introduced herself, and then asked if I like women. I said honestly that “I’ve never had any experience with women, but I’ve always been curious” and she hung up! Idon’t even know if she heard the last part. I guess now that I think about it I should be glad. A woman would not be as tolerant of my inexperience, or my fakey moans and groans! Women can spot a fake a mile away.

Anyway, I’ll update where I see fit, but my throat is getting pretty scratchy so I’m going to log off in about 15 more minutes.

Making love to a popsicle–