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I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico.

Actually, I got the job!

I had my interview a couple hours ago, it lasted like 5 minutes. I checked my email a few minutes ago and they told me they wanted to hire me, and enclosed all the important documents containing details that I can’t share with you unless I want my butt legally kicked!

In a little bit I’m heading to the local library to print and fax my contracts. Pretty cool, huh?

God, I remember getting like super twitchy before my interview. Any other time I’ve had a phone interview, THEY called ME and it was somewhat out of the blue so I didn’t have time to think about it and get nervous. This time I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:52 and my heart jumped. I grabbed the phone, reviewed the briefing and website for the zillionth time, and then googled an exact time for my timezone. I thought my computer might be off, and I wanted to be prompt. So, I watched as the seconds ticked, and I was literally shaking. How silly I am! I chilled out though. I was really worried about not being able to understand the British accent, but fortunately she didn’t have a heavy accent.

I have a job! Now, time to go print, sign, and fax, baby!

After that, I get to do a ton of research into what to expect from this job to supplement the training and information that will be supplied to me. Also, I’ve heard from other PSO’s that for somewhat off the wall calls, you may want to have a good site with sound effects easily accessible.

I already have a sound board of farts saved into my PSO folder. Actually, I favorited it before I even looked into this line of work because I was playing them over the phone to my cousin. I don’t care how old I get, farts will always be funny to me. Anyway. So I just moved it into my PSO folder.

I’m hoping to find a good soundboard for burping that doesn’t sound too manly. Should I get soundboards of moans and screams? I really think I can do those myself, you know. I’ll probably try and find a good slapping sound effect. Other PSO’s either slap themselves or something near them to produce a spanking or whipping sound effect. I don’t feel like abusing myself though. 🙂

AND I need to find a good list of dirty words. You can only say cock so many times! Fortunately, on my AMAZING forum, links have been posted about this by others. I also need lots of erotic literature to inspire me and help me out until I’m comfortable! Links again provided by my spectacular forum.

Wish me luck, I’ve got lots of work ahead! But I can’t wait. You know I’m going to get myself all hyped up on my first call. It’ll be the exact same heart-racing, shallow-breathing twitchiness I experienced today. Thrilling! Anyway, I’ve really got to go. If you need some lovin’ just contact

1-900-lovergirl!  xoxo