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So, I just spent an hour logged in and only had 13 minutes of talk time. That was pretty crappy in my opinion, so I logged off.

I just wanted to mention that I had a really strange call. Well, actually it was like a voice mail. I can respond to the voice mails, or not. It was enormously difficult to understand what he was saying, because he had some flavor of Asian or Middle Easern accent, and was mumbling. I had to listen to his messages multiple times to decipher them, and this is what I got:

Hi, my name is Sanjay, but you can call me Jennifer. I like to chat as a boy, I like to chat as a girl. 

Strrrrange. And I a) didn’t want to deal with his messages b) didn’t want to talk to him personally and c) didn’t like how slow it was, so I logged off. How would I even deal with that? I have noooo idea. I’m going to consult the oracle that is my favorite forum and see what they have to say. Just thought I’d tell someone about this strange call!

P.S. All names are changed, always.